Patricia Urquiola

"Our vision for Lincoln Square is characterised by our trademark mix of different materials. The use of colored glass, wood, marbles, and steel creates beautiful light effects and a cosy yet sophisticated atmosphere." - Patricia Urquiola

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is one of the most in-demand product designers in Europe, known for such iconic products as the Fjord chair and for her innovative vision at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona. Her designs reflect her own character: passionate, intense, and full of life.

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PLP Architecture

"Our design represents an illustration of how contemporary architecture can complement an area with a strong heritage character through attention to classic devices such as craft and proportions." - Lee Polisano

PLP Architecture, a London-based group of architects, designers and thinkers, see Lincoln Square as the perfect illustration of how contemporary architecture can complement an area with a strong heritage character. They pay attention to classic devices such as craft and proportion to create inspirational, innovative, and sustainable buildings. PLP’s work spans private and public clients in the UK and overseas.

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Bowler James Brindley

"The residences at Lincoln Square will reflect the grand architecture, atmospheres, and traditions of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, and the dynamic and changing Fleet Street and Aldwych. Taking inspiration from the local culture and institutions of world importance such as Sir John Soane’s Museum, the interiors will provide an elegant, warm, and contemporary backdrop for residents – a showcase of intelligence." - Ian Bayliss, Stephen Crawley, Lucy Southall.

Bowler James Brindley is a collective of designers working together in a loft in Marylebone, London. They work on projects for elite residential developers and hotel brands in London and around the world. The studio is wholly owned and all projects are carefully managed by Lucy Southall, Stephen Crawley and Ian Bayliss – three individuals with different skills but with a shared attitude towards design and life.

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Gustafson Porter

"The central garden will be the heart of Lincoln Square which also features planted roof terraces for the larger apartments. Bold patterns, light, and reflection characterise the garden, which will be relaxed and contemporary, providing the backdrop for the two residential lobbies from Portugal Street and Carey Street" - Mary Bowman

Gustafson Porter is an award-winning London-based international practice known for its sensual approach to landscape design, as seen in their Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial garden and the Millennium Quarter, both in London, and the National Botanic Garden of Wales. At Lincoln Square, their vision is to bring light, reflection, and animation into the central garden and to create contemporary paved areas inspired by the bold patterns of surrounding historic buildings, including the Royal Courts of Justice and Westminster Abbey.

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