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Saint Amand is a unique residential management and hospitality group that exclusively serves residents of Lodha UK homes. The company was founded by Lodha UK, recognising that delivering residents a truly bespoke lifestyle offering required a more proactive approach, as no comparable service was available in the market.

Through Saint Amand, Lodha UK has created an exclusive hospitality brand of hand-selected, dedicated, and experienced professionals. The company strives to deliver services that genuinely improve the quality of life of its customers by responding and adapting to each resident’s needs.

Household & Residence

Household & Residence

Lodha UK residents can benefit from Saint Amand’s all-encompassing household and residence management services, which include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • In-residence dining
  • Pet care
  • Childcare
  • Wine selection
  • Floristry services
  • Health care arrangements
Concierge & Hospitality

Concierge & Hospitality

The concierge staff are hand-picked from the best hotels and private clubs worldwide, ensuring they are knowledgeable, approachable, warm and efficient. The team are available during the day to manage requests:

  • Greeting guests
  • Serving a range of refreshments and beverages
  • Provide valet car parking services
  • Running errands


The privacy and security of residents, their families and their guests are the highest priority of the Saint Amand team. Each Lodha UK project has its own range of cutting-edge security features, including:

  • 24/7 concierge and security
  • CCTV coverage in key common areas
  • Secure off-street vehicle drop-off
Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Saint Amand oversees the private health club and amenity spaces, ensuring residents have access to the finest wellness facilities. Saint Amand can arrange a variety of services provided by industry leading experts, including:

  • Private training sessions
  • Spa treatments
  • Functional and lifestyle assessments
  • Medical services
  • Booking private rooms for spa or beauty treatments
David Lampe

Meet the general managers

"A Saint Amand service experience at Lincoln Square is intuitively curated with meticulous attention to detail, placing our residents, their families, and friends at the heart of everything we do. Special touches presented by caring personalities, combined with a constant desire for learning and improvement, create a community that defines and inspires us at all times."

David Lampe

General Manager

No.1 Grosvenor Square and Lincoln Square

Simon Hirst

Meet the general managers

“At No. 1 Grosvenor Square, our Saint Amand service team has a clear vision and goal to create and deliver a personal, private and secure sense of home, place and community with extraordinary service. We will always strive to achieve this, through strong leadership, caring people and a continuous desire to delight and exceed expectations.”

Simon Hirst


of Saint Amand

Testimonials From Residents

“We hadn’t quite realised how perfect Lincoln Square would be for us until we had moved in. The staff are very helpful & efficient & there’s a good atmosphere in the building. I have another house and am always struck when I come home to Portugal Street how lovely it is. From the initial welcome from the concierge in reception as I pick up my post to the nice smell in my corridor as I travel to my front door. It’s a great “lock up and leave” as I know it is secure while we are away.

The pool and steam room are my favourite resources (in the spa) but the parcel service by Shaun, the rubbish collection & the Aftercare in the building itself are probably the most spoiling services here and I don’t know how I used to manage! I would highly recommend this Lodha development.”

Sue – Resident of Lincoln Square

“We moved into Lincoln Square in June 2020 in the middle of Covid. We originally moved from the US in September 2019. After a vast search (we had looked at some 300 properties) we settled on Lincoln Square. We liked the quality of the building and the safety aspect also.

I’m so glad we did. From the minute of our move, the staff at the building from management to the Saint Amand team could it not have been more helpful. I remember on our first day of the move they lent me a vacuum cleaner as I didn’t have one at the time. It has been lovely getting to know everyone on the team.

Saint Amand team from the concierge to the amenities staff have helped in every way. They have helped with restaurants as well as booking treatments for us in the spa.”

Saira - Resident of Lincoln Square

“We feel like we live in a beautiful Five Star hotel. The concierge team are so friendly and welcoming, especially with our little dog. We love the amenities and you can often find us in the swimming pool or cinema. We would actively seek to live in a Lodha development wherever we are in the world in the future.”

Anonymous - Resident of Lincoln Square

“I fell in love with No.1 Grosvenor from the moment I first saw it: the location, the exclusivity and entire spirit of the building completely captured me. Every time I step through the discreet front door, I feel at peace. The height, light, and tranquility of the building transport me to a calm oasis.

The excellent level of service from the concierge and valet make my life easier and my family often enjoy the state-of-the-art amenities. Most importantly of all, No.1 Grosvenor Square gives me freedom.”

Anonymous - Resident of No.1 Grosvenor Square

“The excellent location first attracted me to Lincoln Square, subsequently I fell in love with the building. The Saint Amand concierge are lovely, kind and helpful – they are amazing. The events and newsletter are great; it really feels like there is a community. I enjoy using the gym and swimming pool, which is always so clean, comfortable and has a nice ambience. The high quality finishes are great and the sound proofing is excellent.”

Anonymous – Resident of Lincoln Square

“I feel very safe and trust them – The Saint Amand service really makes my life easier.”

Nabil Muzzayin - Resident of Lincoln Square