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Why Holland Park Gate is attracting families with school-age children

London families with school-age children are not the typical profile of purchasers of new build homes, so it has been surprising to see as many as 1 in 2 enquiries coming from precisely this demographic. We have spoken to our customers to understand what lies behind their decision to make Holland Park Gate their family home.

As one might expect, the decision for many is based on the incredible array of world-class schools within a five to fifteen-minute journey from Holland Park Gate. This is complemented by a selection of country prep schools that run daily return buses from and to nearby Brook Green, and the senior boarding schools located along the M4. In the article below, we take a closer look at the most popular options for purchasers at Holland Park Gate.

However, we also discovered other factors that are valued highly by the parents of school-age children, including the proximity of Holland Park and the potential of the development’s amenities and services to enhance family life.

The benefits of living next to Holland Park

The 54-acre Holland Park, one of London’s most beautiful and varied parks, is located directly opposite Holland Park Gate and is a major draw for families with school-age children. Parents are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of raising children in greener urban environments for their health, cognitive development and intelligence, thanks to studies such as the one published in the Journal Pols Medicine in 2020. With new research also revealing the power of nature to improve mental health and reduce levels of stress and depression, a greener environment now tops the list of search criteria for many families.

Holland Park gives plenty of opportunity for outdoor exercise, with tennis courts, football pitches, cricket nets and woodland runs for older children and the outstanding Holland Park Adventure Playground for younger ones.

Amenities “create space” for the family

Opportunities for physical exercise are complemented by the development’s amenities, including the 25 metre swimming pool (all ages) and gym (for over 16s).

The building also provides space for activities that are sometimes preferable to conduct outside of the home. Two ground floor meeting rooms are available for focussed private study and tutoring sessions away from home distractions, and a flexible screening room can be used for presentations, musical practice and group discussions with classmates. The ability for children to leave the home to do these activities while still being within the development can provide valuable breathing space for all family members, reducing pressure on the family home and minimising conflict.

Help with the school run

Residents of Holland Park Gate will have use of the house car and driver to help out with the occasional school run on those days when logistics just don’t work, ideal for early morning starts or after school clubs.

Access to leading education advisors and tutors

Lodha UK have partnered with leading educational consultancy Keystone Tutors to ensure that parents can access to the best advisors and tutors to help them navigate important educational decisions for their children.

“While there is a huge amount going on around the world, UK schools remain some of the most popular academic institutions in the world. Holland Park Gate is well-located for families looking to find places for their children in London day schools, not to forget the numerous day and boarding schools outside of London that are easily accessible due to proximity to the M4. We are excited to help families understand and explore their schooling options.”

Harriet Brook, Head of Consultancy, Keystone Tutors


The schooling options for families living at Holland Park Gate

Holland Park Gate is blessed with a wide selection of easily accessible pre-prep, prep and secondary schools, in and outside London, that are among London and the UK’s top schools.

I. London’s best pre-prep and prep schools within 15 minutes of Holland Park Gate

Some of the best pre-prep and prep schools in London are just a short school run away from Holland Park Gate, offering an incredible range of educational options for children aged 3 to 13. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Wetherby Kensington (7 mins). Boys from 4-8.

“Our aim is to provide a first class all-round education in which the unique needs of our boys are met.” (Wetherby Kensington)

  • Thomas’s Kensington (7 mins). Boys and girls from 4-11.

“A stimulating, creative and nurturing school with a cosmopolitan flavour without being too ostentatious.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Pembridge Hall (8 mins). Girls from 4-11.

Pembridge Hall celebrates differences. From exploring the world through VR goggles to a guitar ensemble that recently played a fantastic Daft Punk medley, there is something for every type of girl here.” (Tatler Schools Guide)

  • The French Lycée (10 mins). Boys and girls from 3-19.

Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle in Kensington, London provides a co-ed French education leading to the French Baccalaureate but also offers GCSEs, IGCSEs, A levels and the IB diploma.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Kensington Prep (12 mins). Girls from 4-11.

“Focus on critical, flexible thinking throughout. Problem solving embedded within the curriculum. Extracurricular life busy and exciting.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Ravenscourt Park Prep School (13 mins). Boys and girls from 4-11.

“Part village school (non-selective, with children arriving on foot or scooter), part slick prep, with a reputation for thorough 11+ preparation with a light touch.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • St Paul’s Juniors (15 mins). Boys from 7-13.

“A school in which almost anything seems possible, seen as both an originator and a facilitator of opportunity of all kinds.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Wetherby Prep School (18 mins). Boys from 7-13.

“Just behind Marble Arch in leafy Marylebone, the school is housed in two distinguished Georgian buildings … Fifty per cent of leavers choose to board at the likes of Eton, Harrow and Winchester.” (The Good Schools Guide)


II. Beautiful country prep schools with daily return bus service leaving from West London

Several leading country prep schools operate a daily return bus service departing from nearby Brook Green – just five minutes’ drive from Holland Park Gate. The journey time on the bus is typically between 30 and 50 minutes and the open grounds, country air and playing fields more than justify the travel time. The schools that operate a daily bus service from Brook Green include:

  • Lambrook (50 mins). Boys and girls from 3-13. The daily bus service departs at 7.15am from Brook Green and arrives back at 6.30pm.

“Nestled in stunning grounds of over 52 acres, Lambrook boasts 150 years of academic excellence and outstanding opportunities for its pupils”. (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Papplewick (40 mins). Boys from 6-13. Daily return bus service departs at 7.15am from Brook Green and arrives back at 6.15pm.

“An outstanding academic education in an atmosphere where ‘boys can still be boys’ and individuality is celebrated”. (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Caldicott (30 mins). Boys from 7-13. Daily return bus service from Brook Green.

“Situated in 40 acres of magnificent grounds… Perfect, billiard table-esque pitches extend as far as the eye can see. Sport is the tour de force here and fetishized by all, especially rugby and cricket.” (The Good Schools Guide)


III. Outstanding senior schools within 10 to 30 minutes of Holland Park Gate

Some of London’s leading day schools can be easily reached from Holland Park Gate within 15 mins providing fantastic educational options for children aged 11 to 18.

  • Godolphin & Latymer (12 mins). Girls from 11-18.

“Masses of activities on the timetable, loads out of it and if that’s not enough, girls are encouraged to grow their own, many groups run by sixth form, some with staff moderators.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Latymer Upper School (12 mins). Boys and girls from 11-18.

“The academic pace is dizzying. Rounded and grounded these kids may be, but they are all also unashamedly high flyers.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • St Paul’s (15 mins). Boys from 7-18.

“St Paul’s is an independent school offering an outstanding, all-round education for gifted boys aged 13 to 18 years. We draw upon our long and outstanding tradition to equip them for their future, intellectually, spiritually and physically.” (St. Paul’s School)

  • Westminster School (25 mins). Boys 12-19, Girls 16-18.

“One of the world’s foremost centres of academic excellence built upon pupils’ genuine enjoyment of open-minded enquiry, rigorous discussion and the search for explanation well beyond any examination syllabus.” (Westminster School)

  1. Leading boarding schools within 90 mins of Holland Park Gate

Some of the country’s best known boarding schools are located within a 90-minute drive from Holland Park Gate, accessed via the M4, M3 or M40. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Eton College (40 mins). Boys from 13-18.

“A modern, forward-thinking school that embraces innovation and new opportunities to provide an outstanding, progressive and well-rounded education.” (Eton College)

  • Wellington College (60 mins). Boys and girls from 13-18.

“Wellington College is one of the UK’s — and indeed the world’s — great coeducational boarding and day schools. We seek to provide young people with the knowledge, skills and character to serve and help shape a better world.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Radley College (80 mins). Boys from 13-18.

“Exciting teaching gets the best out of curious boys who are willing to have a go. Lots of parents cited ‘fizzy’ lessons, particularly in sixth form, as their reason for choosing it.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Cranleigh School (85 mins). Boys and girls from 13-18.

“This is the classic, authentic boarding school experience, but with 21st century flourish and plenty of TLC. At least 70 per cent of pupils board, but it feels like even more since the day pupils get with the programme.” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Marlborough College (90 mins). Boys and girls from 13-18.

“There’s so much on offer beyond the academic timetable that it’s hard to know where to start. ‘This is a very busy place,’ says the deputy head (co-curriculum and outreach).” (The Good Schools Guide)

  • Winchester College (90 mins). Boys from 13-18, girls from 16-18.

“Winchester College, founded by William of Wykeham in 1382 is one of the most prestigious schools in the world and remains one of the strongest academically.” (The Good Schools Guide)


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