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Studio Lodha & Our Customer

Blandine de Navacelle is the Creative Director of Studio Lodha, and the creative force behind the exquisitely designed, newly-opened show apartments at No.1 Grosvenor Square. Along with her team at Studio Lodha, she also works closely with residents and their own interior designers to help bring their new home to life. “Studio Lodha is the product of our ongoing commitment to our customers,” begins Blandine. “My goal is to make sure their journey with Lodha is as smooth, enjoyable and efficient as before their purchase; that their experience with us doesn’t end once the transaction is complete.”

Each Lodha development is conceptualised and built around the customer, and so for Blandine it is important that the interior design reflects this. “Making sure a resident’s home is perfectly suited to their lifestyle is essential to us,” she explains. “Our residents are incredibly busy people, and so helping them accelerate the design process and putting them in the right hands is a very valuable service Studio Lodha offer.”

Blandine enjoys meeting new residents and immersing herself in their lifestyle, in order to understand their needs and preferences. She will then curate a shortlist of interior designers who she thinks will best cater to their design and lifestyle needs. This pairing service has been so successful, she says, that “quite a few residents and interior designers have now become friends!” Blandine is also able to project manage the entire design process for a customer, should they require additional support. “Whether it is a large space for a family or smaller pied-a-terre for the busy traveller, efficiency and aesthetic are of immense value and importance to our customer,” continues Blandine. She points to the recently opened Residence 2.5 at No.1 Grosvenor Square as a key example of using clever design to cater to a resident’s lifestyle and needs. The home features bespoke joinery, where sliding panels can be moved to hide or reveal a wall-mounted television as needed. The cabinetry can also be adapted to offer a dressing table and desk space. “I designed this joinery with the frequent traveller in mind,” Blandine reveals. “Nowadays, people work, entertain and exercise at home, and so where they live needs to be able to accommodate their busy lifestyle demands.”

Residence 2.5 is one of the final homes available for sale at No.1 Grosvenor Square, and is part of a collection of residences that are characterful and full of personality, designed for the international traveller. These apartments are expertly managed by the Saint Amand team, who can open and prepare a home at a moment’s notice. The apartments are available fully-dressed and ready to move in, fitted with small but significant touches like Nespresso coffee machines. After a busy start to 2022, Blandine and her team have already started work on Lodha’s next London project, Holland Park Gate. “Working with our residents has been immensely interesting and exciting, but it is also, for me, a great way to stay connected with what our customers value and need for when we start work on new developments,” she concludes.

“Working with our residents has been immensely exciting.” – Blandine de Navacelle



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